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Typical exterior waterproofing system
1. Rubberized waterproof coating
2. Back filled soil
3. Filter fabric
4. French drain
5. Footer

Waterproofing Basement/Crawl Space Exterior

One of the two waterproofing methods Rain-N-Drain offers is exterior waterproofing. We start by excavating the surrounding walls all the way to the footer. Next, we treat the exposed basement walls with rubberized coating. We install a French drainage system topped with a filter fabric to keep dirt out of the gravel. Finally, the dirt is replaced on the exposed basement walls with the proper grading so water is diverted from the foundation wall. Rain-N-Drain gives you the most feasible and economical solution that best suits your waterproofing problem whether it is exterior or interior.

Waterproofing Basement - Exterior image
Rubberized coating on basement wall
Waterproofing Basement - Exterior image
French drained installed topped with filter fabric
Waterproofing Basement - Exterior image
Backfilled with proper grade and ready for landscaping
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