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Retention Ponds image
Retention pond with fountain for aeration

Detention/Retention Pond Maintenance

A detention pond is a low lying area that is designed to temporarily hold a set amount of water while slowly draining to another location. They are more or less around for flood control when large amounts of rain could cause flash flooding if not dealt with properly.

A retention pond is designed to hold a specific amount of water indefinitely. Usually the pond is designed to have drainage leading to another location when the water level gets above the pond capacity, and metered out slowly down to a fixed level.

Rain-N-Drain can bring your pond compliant to government codes and maintain it. We clear trees, brush and debris. Repair embankments, emergency spillway and riser. We remove the retrofit and sediment from your pond. Rain-N-Drain offers annual, biannual and triennial service plans.

Retention Ponds image
Before: BJ’s Wholesale Warehouse’s detention pond cited by government inspector
Retention Ponds image
After: detention pond passed inspection after Rain-N-Drain cleared brush/tree, remove retrofit and erosion control
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