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A fine example of an energy efficient basement free of moisture, wall leaks and seepage
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Let Rain-N-Drain protect your new home's foundation with Tremco's two part system which comes with a 30 year warranty. First, we apply TUFF-N-DRI® on your brand new walls to help control the three main sources of basement moisture: foundation wall leaks, seepage and interior condensation. Then we install WARM-N-DRI® foundation board on top of the membrane to protect the wall from backfill damage. This helps insulate the basement walls to reduce energy loss and minimize interior condensation. To finish the project, we install French drain around the perimeter to insure a dry space. Make sure to contact Rain-N-Drain on your new construction.

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Basement wall treated with Tuff-N-Dri
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Basement wall with Warm-N-Dri board installed
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