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Waterproofing Dehumidifier image
Dehumidifier installed in the basement


Rain-N-Drain installs dehumidifiers in your basement that is more energy-efficient and cost effective than the portable ones you can get at your local hardware store. Dehumidifiers effectively dry the air in any basement. High levels of humidity can harm your homeā€”from splintering wood to the seemingly unstoppable growth of mold which may lead to health problems. Many homes have such problems, especially in basements. You can count on Rain-N-Drain to provide you with the very best dehumidifier solutions for your basement.

Waterproofing Dehumidifier image
Portable humidifiers in the basement is not cost effective
Waterproofing Dehumidifier image
Crawl space dehumidifier
Waterproofing Dehumidifier image
Basement dehumidifier
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