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Waterproofing Crack Injection image
Wall with cracks sealed

Crack Injection

Crack injection is designed for cracks in poured concrete walls. It does not work on concrete block walls because of their hollow cores. It is usually applied from the inside, which avoids digging on the outside of the walls. Rain-N-Drain uses hydrophillic polyurethanes to stop water leaks in cracks. Hydrophillic resins seek out water in cracks. They chase the water and absorb into the tight micro-cracks and pores of the concrete forming a tenacious bond to the wet concrete. Leave it to Rain-N-Drain to stop water leaks from cracks in your wall.

Waterproofing Crack Injection image
Cracked wall
Waterproofing Crack Injection image
Applying surface sealant and ports
Waterproofing Crack Injection image
Inject hydrophillic polyuretahane into ports
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