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Catch Basins image
Completed catch basin with green plastic grate to match the landscape

Catch Basin

Drainage systems need a method to collect and concentrate water to a pipe system. Catch basins allow pipes coming from different directions and elevations to converge at specific locations. They convert surface flow to subsurface pipe flow. Rain-N-Drain offers pre-cast concrete catch basins custom manufactured by us for each project. It accepts various pipe sizes at different locations unlike a plastic catch basin which has fixed holes Our catch basins are available in 12" and 18" square. We recommend pre-cast concrete for long term solutions.

Catch Basins image
18" Pre-Cast Concrete Catch Basin
Catch Basins image
12" Pre-Cast Concrete Catch Basin with 8", 6" and 4" pipes
Catch Basins image
Rain-N-Drain does not use plastic catch basins
grates from
Catch Basins image
Bar grate
Catch Basins image
Plastic grate
Catch Basins image
Cast iron grate
Catch Basins image
Atrium grate
Catch Basins image
Decorative grate
(cast iron)
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